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July 10, 2016 / Ronald Chapman

A Killer’s Grace – 2nd Edition & Sequel

A Killer’s Grace – 2nd Edition Release from Terra Nova Publishing

Any author is pleased to see their book in print, but when a new publisher singles it out as worthy for a 2nd edition, that is more pleasing still. And with a new round of editing, the story shines all the more.

So it is with thanks to Terra Nova Publishing that I announce the new release here with information at their site including ordering and purchase information.

Plus Terra Nova Releases My Name is Wonder

As if the good news on A Killer’s Grace is not enough, Terra Nova also decided they’d like to bring my second novel out simultaneously! My Name is Wonder is quite different. It is the tale of an aspiring goat named Wonder and his spiritual treks with his guide, Mac Craack Crow, a shape-shifting, wisecracking crow of undetermined wisdom.

If A Killer’s Grace is the dark path to redemption, My Name is Wonder is the noble path. To me they are bookends on a continuum of awakening and transformation. And I could not be more pleased to have them both released at the same time.

The Sequel to A Killer’s Grace

It is no surprise that with the success of the novel I am in the process of writing the sequel. While not yet titled, its release is expected in the fall of 2018.

The three blogs that follow provide a sense of that tale with a preface and the first two chapters. Enjoy!



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