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January 9, 2014 / Ronald Chapman

Preface – The Sequel to A Killer’s Grace


Light emanates through turquoise skies. A blanket of snow carpets the valley, reflecting the light and amplifying its effect to an ethereal quality. For artists and wanderers that find their way to New Mexico, it is the expansiveness of the light that holds and embraces them.

To the east the light sparkles on snow-mantled mountains soaring upward, their shadowed pinkish hue in perfect contrast to the sky. High desert stretches endlessly westward as the Rio Grande threads its way through the city of Albuquerque. Beneath the river lays a former canyon created when the plates of the earth wrenched apart. Over millennia it filled with layers of boulders, gravel, soil and detritus that is now miles deep.

Atop this makeshift foundation of earth the city is nearly motionless, seemingly poised for an unfolding day.



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