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April 7, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

A Sequel to A Killer’s Grace

Coming Soon Online

After much encouragement from enthused readers of A Killer’s Grace, I’m delighted to announce that the  plot for a sequel is now clear and the writing is underway. Better still, it will be forthcoming as a serial in regular installments right here beginning sometime later in April. Since I’ll be accepting feedback and suggestions, it already feels like fun as well as extremely interesting. Who knows what we might find and learn in the process!

A Few Thoughts in Anticipation

In reflecting on the feedback to date on the novel, it seems there are a few consistent themes:

  • The authenticity of the characters is clearly desired. Whether or not readers have had an affinity for Pitcairn, Emmy or any other characters, its obvious that people like realness.
  • Consistently readers have appreciated the opportunity to be stretched with their beliefs and perspectives. It seems there is indeed a place for philosophical and spiritual considerations in a story that holds one’s attention.
  • The setting has also been of note with many readers. They appreciate getting a genuine feel for the terrain and the community.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this sequel, what you would enjoy and appreciate. And of course, your ideas for how to make it engaging in a serial blog format. So please let me know!

In closing, I’m feeling a bit sleuthish and authorial … so why not an appropriate photo …

Ron Modified


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