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March 30, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

What if I am not in Charge?

At the heart of A Killer’s Grace, and in the underlying philosophy known as Seeing True, the most provocative idea is that we are not the free agents we believe ourselves to be. This is challenging to us because we have so much apparent evidence that we are the “doer,” or so we like to think and believe. Of course, the larger culture in which we are immersed is constantly suggesting and reinforcing the idea that we are in charge of our decisions, our lives and our destiny.

In his outstanding book, The Way of Powerlessness, Wayne Liquorman explores this idea. He uses an analogy of the ocean and its immense power. Liquorman proposes there is only ocean, and that you and I are waves. We are the ocean, the power is us, but we have no power to command the ocean or even the direction of our wave.

If you examine your life deeply, the evidence will grow that a great deal of our lives are not the result of our choices or decision-making. While this will threaten the ego, which desperately wants to have control and to claim credit, it will nurture the soul through a profound sense of trust that only grows over time.

If I am not the author of my own life, I must be part of a larger design with far greater purpose.

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