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March 20, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

To Change Anything in the World…Start Within

In my latest post at my new blogging site, (which I obviously would love to have you visit and subscribe to … hint, hint), I explore our insides. (FYI, a variation on the same piece was just published as an e-zine at the link shown below.) The proposition is that our outsides are nothing but a reflection of our insides. Carry it in your heart, and you will see it manifest in your world.

Think of it like velcro, which works when two sets of nylon hooks that face in opposing directions come together and form a very strong locking mechanism. As long as you have a hook of some kind on your insides, i.e. your beliefs, values and perceptions, an appropriate and probably painful hook outside you will lock onto you. While we can peel velcro apart, it’s actually much more productive to examine the hooks inside you and thereby bring them to resolution. Then…nothing can lock you up again!

To change anything in the world…start within.

See the full article at the following link.,-Start-Within&id=7496587



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