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February 24, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

Transforming Our Life Experience

The last post announced my new blog coming March 8th at! And that post also showed the first of that new approach entitled Cuddling Up…To Fear and Pain. It’s a long-time favorite story, because it does reflect such truth. Let’s explore it a bit further.

For most of us, the only thing we want to do with regard to our fear and pain is escape them. The only reason we would ever feel differently is simply because we see fleeing them does not work.

Yet there is more here than meets the eye.

The real truth is that fear and pain are great gifts and great teachers. So much can come when we embrace them. And over time, we find we even come to welcome them because we learn of their great value. Of course, this is a slow-to-develop perspective, but with practice and patience it can indeed become our experience.

When fear and pain become our friends because we have made peace with them, our entire life experience is transformed.


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