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February 24, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

Threshold to Love

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In a small city in the South, a city that shall remain unnamed, there was a young woman named Carolyn. She was tall and slim with short brown hair and lovely blue eyes. When Carolyn smiled and laughed, you would be immediately aware of the warmth of her personality. While in no obvious way unusual, when meeting her you would probably be left with a vague impression that something about her did not quite fit.

If you were to ask Carolyn now, she would admit she always knew something inside her was not quite right. And she would certainly add that it was a rather murky matter.

A few years ago, she found her way into Alcoholics Anonymous and sobriety. While that certainly settled some of what she would now call her uneasiness, something more was revealed. It became increasingly clear she was uncomfortable with her gender. Carolyn had never felt like a girl, or a woman.

With that truth revealed, a process was unleashed that could not be contained.

Today, Carolyn has become Edward.

There are a number of interesting elements to Edward’s tale, but I will focus on a most extraordinary one.

Shortly after the transition from female to male was underway, a small group of men invited Edward to join their study group that focused on recovery from alcoholism. It was a calculated decision by the men. They loved Carolyn, and there was no reason that should change now that she was Edward.

Their decision was a remarkable measure of open-mindedness and compassion as well as a beautiful demonstration of love transcending!

Today Edward will tell you how important their acceptance was to him. And it is very easy to understand the incredible value of being intimately and openly in the company of men after twenty-five years in a female persona.

Seeing True™

It is said that the first step in moving from disapproval, dislike, condemnation or outright hatred is not an immediate move to love and loving. That is quite unlikely. Rather, it is to learn to tolerate, though that is not especially virtuous if it ceases there.

With effort in confronting ourselves and our beliefs, it becomes possible to learn patience, which is certainly an improvement on tolerance. And with still more effort in dealing with our own inner state, acceptance will emerge. Acceptance is the threshold to love. Once it is attained, loving becomes the inevitable result.

Seeing True in Action™

Carl Jung observed, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

The path to loving begins with identifying the disapproval, dislike, condemnation or hatred we carry for others.

If you are willing, write a list of every person who provokes such feelings in you. Don’t hold back. Don’t justify or rationalize. Don’t try to remedy it. While you’re at it, don’t judge yourself, your feelings or your attitudes. Just tell the truth.

By acknowledging the darkness, the light must necessarily follow. By naming our intolerance, love becomes possible.

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Image Credit - B Jaxon

Image Credit – B Jaxon


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