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February 17, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

Seeing, Knowing, Understanding

The last excerpt from A Killer’s Grace pointed to the idea that we can see but not know that we see. That is truer that we know, and it is more true when we look toward the purpose of seeing.

Ultimately, the purpose of any sensory input is for us to know it. Beyond that however is interpretation. We see a tree fall, it enters into knowing, then we come to conclusion about what it means and how it affects us. Therein is the breakdown.

Interpretation should lead to understanding. Too often it leads to the usual conclusions that many of us reach though they are not accurate or not fully comprehended.

In my experience, understanding invariably yields insight. With insight comes appreciation, forgiveness and quite often humor.

If we were to truly understand some person, some thing or some circumstance, there would be no resistance within us, no judgment or condemnation, and probably a good laugh.

For Use - Texture on Brick


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