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February 10, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

A Universe of Reciprocity

The last excerpt from A Killer’s Grace focused on Unconditionality. And that simply begs my attention.

Over the years of working with a number of men and women as a coach and advisor, it has often come forth that many of us simply want to be accepted exactly as we are…without condition.  Apparently there is something that calls many of us toward this.

And yet, it is so seldom noted that we could be offering this to others. We want unconditionality, but we do not extend it. In fact, it may be we are so self-absorbed by our own desires that it does not occur to us to provide it to others.

There is an interesting experiment we can practice. Of course, it is exactly this notion of offering unconditionality.  We can attempt to provide approval, validation, appreciation and love to others. Then we can see whether it is reciprocated.

I’ll offer one hint for your awareness. It just may be a reciprocal universe, but perhaps reciprocity does not come where or how we expect it.

Image Credit - B Jaxon

Image Credit – B Jaxon


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