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February 7, 2013 / Ronald Chapman

Grace Is Not Conditional

“Kevin, a few summer ago there was a marvelous story told about a couple of drunken men. They were with their families for a summer vacation on Lake Erie when inexplicably they rode two wave runners out into the lake. Who knows what they were thinking …”

Pitcairn interjected. “They were drunk, Tony, they weren’t thinking.”

“Well yes, there is that, isn’t there?” He chuckled. “At any rate, they ran out of gas and spent a very frightening and sobering night in the water. With hypothermia approaching, the sun rose on the horizon the following morning.”

“Unbelievably enough, a Coast Guard cutter sighted them despite being to the west of the men and having to see their heads bobbing amid waves flooded with sunlight. The officer who spotted them called it a miracle.”

He sipped his tea and sighed with a shake of his head. “News reporters talked to the men, one of whom said, ‘God sure was with us when they found us.’ As soon as he said it one of the priests who had been comforting the families blurted out a comment loud enough to be picked up by the microphone. He said, ‘Rest assured, God was with you even as you rode foolishly out into the lake.’”

He laughed at the story. “You see, Kevin. Grace is not conditional on anything. It’s ever present. All we need do is open ourselves to it.” He turned to smile at him. “And you, my friend, have had an unusual glimpse of the Grace in which you are immersed.”


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