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December 19, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

“Preciosa” – Shared and Intimate Experience

She settled into her seat to think about it. Then she turned to him and pressed her face close enough to whisper. “No one has ever defended me like that, Cito. Not on something as important as the incest. You’re the first to not only truly believe, but believe me enough to stand up for me.”

As she caressed his cheek lightly with her fingertips, he found the intimacy was almost unbearable.

“Whatever has changed inside you has changed me too. And I give you the belief you gave to me. Your fight has become my fight, though I cannot possibly share the experiences you describe.”

He could not even blink, so intense was the connection he felt. They stayed locked in a near trance for an interminable time before the voice uttered a single word, “Preciosa …” then trailed away into an ethereal vacuum.

Maria Elena’s eyes widened in surprise though the energy that bound them was not disrupted. Then he saw tears welling above her lower eyelids as she bit her lip and the experience crept away.

“Cito, no one but my Auntie Susan called me ‘Preciosa.’”

Now shock came to him. “Maria Elena, you heard the voice?”

“Oh, I thought you knew,” she countered with a puzzled look.

“What the hell just happened, Emmy? And who is Auntie Susan?”

Her staccato laugh rang out. “Cito, this is not my gig. If you don’t know what happened, I certainly don’t.” She shrugged helplessly. “And Auntie Susan was a neighbor who always made me feel safe when I was a girl.”

“You heard the voice  …. Preciosa?”


“I thought it was just in my head.”

“Apparently not.”

“But it wasn’t out loud was it?”

“No, it was in my head too.”

“Jesus …”

They lapsed into silence quiet before she turned to him again. “So now I have shared one of your experiences.”


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