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December 9, 2012 / Ronald Chapman


The heart of A Killer’s Grace is in the notion of atonement. And if there were ever an idea charged with history and opinion in religious circles it would be this idea. So, I’m going to set aside all those charged thoughts and look at it from an extremely practical point of view.

A wise teacher once told me that grace and forgiveness and all such transcendent concepts cannot be understood in intellect. She proceeded to validate our thinking and knowledge as necessary…but not sufficient. For an idea to move from head to heart there must be experience.

Have you ever had a moment of simply settling into quiet? That is very similar to atonement. When through all our efforts thinking and striving fall away, when we are struck into that space where nothing need be done or said, when a feeling of peace simply swells up and swallows us, when silence prevails within us…that is likely the experience of atonement. We are at-one.

Once it is experienced and with practice, we can use that feeling to navigate back to it. When coupled with the intellectual work, it can produce an unshakeable foundation.

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