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October 6, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Patterns and Repetition

The last excerpt observed that violence and trauma occur over and over again. It’s often not hard to see a semblance of repetition, but the possibility of a pattern is hard to contemplate.

Could it possibly be that somehow those who are victimized or traumatized repeatedly are simply experiencing bad luck?Or could there be something at work on a deeper level?

I can only speak from experience, but when I saw that I consistently opted for paths that led to very similar results, I had to face the evidence that somehow or another I was contributing to my difficulties. Certainly not by conscious choice. Indeed, the language that best expresses my experience is that I have been known to unconsciously and compulsively find circumstances, people and events that feel familiar. And if it is an unhealed arena in my life, it seems all the more likely to be repeated.

I do not know why this may be, but each time I’m able to see the pattern, a solution is not far behind…and invariably a healing to go with it.


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