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September 16, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Inside Job

One of the great secrets to growth and development is in recognizing that all that really matters is within us. And yet there is unending attention to externalities. For example, much attention is attached to behavior rather than the inner causes of that behavior. And yet, if we attend to those inner causes the outer behavior falls into place.

In the same way, much of the world concerns itself with our physical selves, or our position in the world, or where and how we live, or the material possessions that we hold.

As a very wise man once told me, “The outer world has no real solution to what ails us. The solution is an inside job.”

But what of the importance of people and purpose in the outside world? What of service?

All the people, circumstances and events in our world are better served when we have done the work with our insides.


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