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September 5, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Healing and Forgiveness

Pitcairn gave him the nod of validation he knew the man needed.

“It was hard to find but there was a lot a hurt and hate in me. My sponsor in the pen, Big Bobby Blue, helped me feel, deal and heal. But I still hated my fuckin’ folks for what they done to me.” He sucked on the cigarette as a frown creased his face. “And what they done to my baby sisters was the worst. They’re both crazy as loons from the shit they took.”

Mikey leaned back for a deep breath. “So, ole Bobby helped me bore deep down in my soul. It was black as hell. And then Bobby hooked me up with this dude who brought AA meetings in to us. Danny was a counselor. He spent a lotta time with me, pullin’ that ugliness out.”

He chuckled then and scratched the back of a hand. Sadness shone in the big man’s moist eyes. “Danny and Bobby showed me how to forgive my folks. What they done was wrong. But now I know it was the same shit was done to them. And as soon as I got ahold a that forgiveness, I stopped hatin’ people.”


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