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August 26, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

To Fix Anything … Start Within

As we see in A Killer’s Grace, everything in external experience is nothing but a mirror of the internal experience. This is true whether the actual facts support it or not. By this I mean that everything we experience is an interpretation. And that interpreting takes place through our beliefs and understanding. So its entirely possible that an apparent external reality is false due to a flaw in our interpretation. On the other hand the facts may hold up upon scrutiny, but the meaning is altered by our beliefs and understanding.

This is the simple explanation for why all change begins within. First we must know what is true and what is inferred or interpreted. Then we can sort out any mischief created by our insides. With that addressed, it may be that there is no external change required. Regardless, if we are clean and clear on mistakes of interpretation, we can at least engage the matter accurately.


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