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August 15, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Love Blunting Violence

His cell phone rang a short while later, and Marie Elena’s outraged voice filled the line. “Those assholes broke more windows on the house last night. Goddamn them, Cito, I’m so furious I could kill.” She growled.

“Tell me what happened, Emmy.”

“I went by to check on things, and immediately saw those shits had shattered the picture window. I called the cops, and they promised to patrol more. But …”

He interjected. “It’s okay, baby. It’s just glass.”

“That’s not the goddamned point! Even I don’t like what you wrote, or that you wrote it, but that doesn’t give anybody the right to take these kind of cheap-assed shots at you. Cito, they’re chicken shits and you know it!”

“You’re right, absolutely right. But it’s more important that we’re both out of harm’s way. Who’d have guessed my trip out here would give us both some cover.”

“Cover, hell. If I was just a little more pissed off, I’d sit on the roof all night with a gun and shoot them on sight.”

“I’m glad you’re not that pissed off. But I have to tell you I love the fire in you. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Now she laughed. “God, Cito, what kind of a guy loves this?”

“Me,” he replied emphatically.


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