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August 8, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Violence begetting Violence

There’s a big protest over on San Pedro, a bunch of Christians from Colorado Springs are all pissed off about your piece about Davidson. The cops are there in force. Call me!” An awkward silence followed and he could imagine her twirling a finger in her hair. “Cito … I love you. Call me … bye.”

The group had driven down on Sunday evening after a rousing sermon at their church. Somehow the commentary had been picked up by one of the folks who monitored such stories. They began their protest around ten o’clock in the morning. Uncharacteristically, rocks had been hurled through windows, which was when the Contours staff were evacuated by the police. It also precipitated the arrival of the riot squad.

“I can’t say why they decided to get violent. They’re reputation is for being loud and obnoxious, but who knows, huh?”

“Search me.” he responded.

“Anyway, what I hear is that the cops got really ticked off when the protesters decided to scrap with them. You know, APD has never been known for being tolerant with this kind of thing. I can’t get an exact confirmation on some of that but there is no doubt the cops went after them with everything. I mean tear gas, batons, the whole enchilada.”


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