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August 1, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

A Spirit of Forgiveness

Angie almost couldn’t contain herself. “Kevin, I’ve got to tell you something else.” She looked to her mom, who clearly assented with a forbearing shake of her head.

“Anita knew she was going to die. She had a really terrible nightmare several times. She said it involved the man who would kill her. But it never revealed the details.” She blinked slowly a few times as if mesmerized by her own words. “I told her she was crazy. But she got me to start going to Friends Meetinghouse with her. You know, the Quakers.”

Pitcairn listened with great interest.

“We just sat quietly when we went. She told me it made her feel better about her fate. I thought that was really crazy, and I told her so. But she was really persistent.”

“When she was killed, I couldn’t believe it. I told Mom about her nightmare. It was very weird. But the funny thing is that we both go to Quaker meeting now. And I can’t explain it, but I don’t have any animosity. In fact, I felt very sorry for Daniel Davidson when I read how he was killed. It wasn’t right.”

Pitcairn was amazed. He had just heard a genuine spirit of forgiveness. He glanced toward the mother, who raised her hands in an obviously inexplicable gesture. “I could never explain it. I just accept it as grace. There’s not a better word for it.”


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