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June 14, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Grief and Celebration

While a great deal of grief showed, the recovering crowd was notable through their laughter and gaiety. They would miss Clint terribly, but the memorial was a celebration and they knew how to celebrate. Their own battles with darkness and loss bred in them an incredible joy for living that could overcome great difficulty. Many friends were also in attendance; he had a wide circle of acquaintances. Clint’s body had been cremated, but those gathered at the Taylor Ranch Community Center had been instructed to bring inspirational stories to share.

When the crowd had mostly settled, Pitcairn moved to the front of the auditorium. Other than a stage filled with flowers, it was a simple setting.

“Hello everyone. We’re gathered to honor and celebrate Clint Richardson, just like he asked us to. We’re not here to lament his death, but to share the many gifts that he gave us. In fact, his instructions were specific in having his good friend Charlie Rice kick things off; he knew Charlie would set the right tone. After Charlie has shared, you’re all free to take the microphone and pass on whatever you think Clint would like to be said. But remember his guidance; we’re here to celebrate and to be inspired. So Charlie, come on over here and get us started.”


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