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June 10, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Resistance … Willingness

The last excerpt presented the idea of what the spiritual teacher Gurdjieff might call “resistance.” His school of learning would say that for every effort that is initiated, resistance must necessarily arise. Whether the resistance is in the form of friction, pressure, gravity or the like, nothing comes into being without it.

Imagine trying to create a clay pot without hands to shape the clay. Or manufacturing a plastic part without a mold to insert into the machine to allow the liquid material to encounter the limits of its form. Or a sprout trying to grow without gravity providing tension for it to work against. Or writing a story without something for the protagonist to overcome.

Resistance is built into the design of the universe.

Yet we resist resistance rather than welcoming it.

Where are you encountering resistance in your life and world? How can you find its value, and thereby cooperate with it? What will it take for you to embrace it?

The excerpt proposes that the secret to transformation is willingness.


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