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May 30, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Relationship as Sustenance

Lincoln and Lucy leapt up and ran out, intuiting Maria Elena’s entry. He heard the door followed by her shout, “Cito?”

“In here!” he hollered in response, assuming she had simply come home for lunch.

She swept into the room an instant later and cast herself across his lap with an uncanny lightness. Looking him in the eyes and scanning slowly, she announced, “First, tell me you love me.”

His heart welled as he said it. “I love you, Maria Elena.”

“Now, tell me you missed me.”

He dutifully repeated the words. Somehow she had overcome the fear his strangeness had provoked. Her resilience was always inspiring. Over and over again she rose to respond to difficult circumstances, always after what looked to him like some kind of deep, emotional breath she took before plunging forward. It was a trait he had come to rely on. She was an extraordinary woman.


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