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May 20, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

A Source of Trauma and Nightmares

He was five years old, Little Kevvie they called him, and playing in his room with Carrie, the little girl from next door who was his best friend. They had closed the door and were innocently playing doctor.

His mother barged in and flew into a rage. Disembodied, he saw himself turn and watched in slow motion as she swung her hand viciously, striking him full on the face. Then she leapt at him with a fury, knocking him to the floor, and pummeling him as she hovered over him. She screamed unintelligibly as her fists windmilled wildly. After many blows her energy waned, but with one final burst she cast herself upon her son and began to strangle him with a cold passion.

Studying the scene from a point of view outside his body, Little Kevvie felt a strange detachment before his own white hot rage surged. Suddenly he was back in his body with the urgency of survival. With clear-eyed focus he drew all his strength and head-butted his mother.

She screamed in pain as blood spurted from a broken nose. She tumbled from him as he slipped from consciousness.


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