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May 16, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Deep Wisdom

In the last post, I described Clint as a channel for wisdom. Were this a celtic tale, he would be a bard, keeper of history and knowledge, communicator of held wisdom.

In fact, Clint possesses deep wisdom, which does not come only as knowledge. His experience has been translated and added to what he knows. The combination results in movement from head to heart, i.e. ideas move beyond the intellect.

The outcome of this deep wisdom is embodiment. Clint oozes principles and values, and thus becomes a demonstration of what the recovering community calls “attraction rather than promotion.” He IS the program of recovery. He IS the wisdom. He IS the personification of the communities values.

And of course, he is utterly human with many foibles and failings. Yet as with all wisemen and wisewomen, the embodiment has a force all its own.


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