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May 10, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Hammered Out on the Anvil of Experience

Many years ago a friend used to regularly say of himself that he rarely could see the light, but that the heat always got him into action. That is Pitcairn’s story. He can’t see where he is going, which may very well be true of all of us. But the tension of the plot and circumstances of the story propel him forward. That’s the heat.
That thought takes me to the notion of faith. Not as it is usually described, which is really much more akin to gullibility. Rather, the faith that is based on experience, which is very likely the real meaning of faith.
With each step Pitcairn takes he receives feedback from the world that reassures him enough to allow him to take the next step. From that continuing series of steps his path is constructed, not because he knows where to go, but because each experience propels him onward.
I like that idea. I like it a lot. Our faith and our path are both painstakingly hammered out on the anvil of our experience.

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