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May 6, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

Making Things Right

Several elements in the last excerpt, No Problem to Great to Be Run From, bear repeating as a result of reader inquiries. Specifically, these are interactions between the protagonist, Kevin Pitcairn, and his mentor and AA sponsor, Clint, as they discuss the dilemma he faces

“Damn son, ya got a real interestin’ situation here,” Clint concurred before pausing for a moment. “Seems to me you got some resistance, which as you know, is always a good thing. God’s testin’ your willin’ness to set things right.”

Then after related interaction.

“Well son, seems to me that trying to bull your way through this is a bad idea. This here action you’re takin’ is supposed to be an amend, so ya need to relax and let God make the crooked places straight. Ya think you can give it a serious lettin’ alone while that God ya don’t believe in lines it up for ya?”

Pitcairn took a deep breath. “Yeah, I can do that. The last thing I need to do is add mischief and mayhem to an already prickly problem.”

Clint chuckled lightly. “Ya know, them spiritual gurus call this a matter of timin’. Ya can trust a solution is already barrelin’ at ya … but no way will it look like what ya expect.”

The question from readers revolves around the idea of “amends,” loosely translated as making things right. “What is an amend?”

There is no simple answer because every “amend” is as unique as the situation and the individuals involved. It always includes acknowledgement of a wrong or harm and a willingness to do whatever is needed to set it right, followed by acts that amount to restitution or remedy.

Through this process grievances are addressed, the past is attended and the parties are able to go forward in whatever means are appropriate.


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