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May 4, 2012 / Ronald Chapman


Today, I awoke to a question. What does it take to be redeemed?

Probably it is on my mind due to a conversation with a friend yesterday. He’s reading A Killer’s Grace currently, and has become aware of some of his own personal history that is unresolved. Since that is central to Kevin Pitcairn’s journey through the book, I find myself contemplating the question.

In the end, it seems we must somehow come to peace with ourselves, which as good a description I can think of to describe being redeemed.

Often self-redemption requires some form of amend or restitution. While that is focused on the injured party, the real effect is in ourselves. The external action to make something right is a reflection of an inner desire for that making-right-ness. We act in our own enlightened self-interest. Ultimately, redemption is a personal matter.

I’m thinking of the notion of atonement that comes from The Course in Miracles. It amounts to the moment  of miracle when all sense of separation or wrongdoing falls away and we return to wholeness … at-One-ment.

It is not in the misdeed that our unforgiveness rests, but in our lack of inner reconciliation. In order to reconcile, we must fully concede our part in the misdeed, then become wiling to relinquish it.


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