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April 16, 2012 / Ronald Chapman

A Redemption Tale

During many years providing radio interviews for authors and reviews of their books, over and over again the question arose about how much biography crept into a story. Of course, the answer always was that you can never really separate an author from the story, it cannot exist without the author’s reflection within it.
I’ve already been asked the same question about A Killer’s Grace. I usually assure them that I’m not a serial killer and have never committed murders except in my thoughts. (As an aside, my long-time mentor assures me its normal to want to kill someone, but when you start planning body disposal you should ask for help!)
However, the redemption element that is central to the plot is a part of my story. Like everyone I know, if they are able to tell the truth about themselves, I’m seeking to make some things right that have gone astray in my attempts to live my life.  After all, making mistakes is central to being human. Invariably some of those failures are pretty unpleasant for someone.
So in a strange way, when I tell my protagonist’s redemption tale, in the telling I am seeking my own redemption.

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